Bot and automated WordPress spam are growing threats and headaches for the WordPress community. Whether it is comment spam or automated contact form spam, it’s incredibly annoying and can be detrimental to the company’s website & customers. Over the years, developers and the WordPress team have developed plugins to fight spam including Recaptcha, Akismet Anti-Spam, Honeypot, and more. The issue that arises with most of these platforms is that they do not work well on all WordPress websites, and spammers have figured out ways around their systems. And this is the core reason why we developed Human Presence for WordPress.

Who is Human Presence?

Human Presence is an Ellipsis Technologies company. We developed our Human Presence solution to block bots and spammers using proprietary behavior analysis to invisibly detect & record individual session behaviors. The Human Presence algorithm measures the slightest movements inactivity to detect robot spammers with 99% reliability. As a result, our technology is always learning and evolving to get better at detecting bots and spam.

Why WordPress Developers Love Our Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin

The easy answer is it works. Compared to our competitors, we virtually eliminate all malicious bot spam in the following:

  • WordPress Comments
  • WooCommerce Reviews
  • WordPress Forms

The plugin is easy to install and you can try it for free on 1 form of your website. Learn more about our pricing for agencies and multiple site installs.

WordPress Forms Protected by Human Presence

The flexibility of WordPress is what makes it so great but sometimes difficult as a developer. There are so many forms plugins for WordPress, so we made sure that out of the box, we could protect the most used across the community.

Here are the following WordPress forms plugins that we currently support:

  • Gravity Forms
  • Ninja Forms
  • Contact Form 7
  • Formidable Forms
  • WordPress Comments
  • WooCommerce Reviews
  • WS Form
  • QuForms

We are looking to the community to let us know which forms plugin to protect next. Drop us a line here to let us know which forms plugin you need to protect.

Pricing that works for everyone

A Solid Investment In Your Security


Try it out



  • 1 Form
  • Automatic Updates
  • Standard Support


Based on purchase of multiple licenses



  • Automatic Updates
  • Priority Support
  • *1 year of support and updates


Total protection



  • 1 Site
  • Automatic Updates
  • Priority Support
  • *1 year of support and updates

*Limit based on 500,000 page views per month or less, call for custom pricing.

Akismet Anti-Spam vs. Human Presence

The oldest and most used Anti-spam WordPress plugin is falling behind. Learn more about why so many developers are switching from Akismet to Human Presence to protect their site from spam.

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Google Recaptcha vs. Human Presence

Google Recaptcha has been employed by sites using textual and picture quizzes to protect against spam and standard bots. However, the bots & spammers are getting smarter and finding ways around it. Learn more about why developers are now using the Human Presence invisible solution to protect their WordPress sites from spam.

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Stop Contact Form 7 Spam on WordPress

Contact Form 7 is the most popular, free plugin for WordPress, and is targeted by spammers. WordPress form & comments spam bots are focused in two areas: malicious phishing and black hat SEO. Learn how WordPress experts are stopping spam on Contact Form 7.

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How to Block Gravity Forms Spam on WordPress

Spambots are constantly evolving to get smarter and beat existing anti-spam WordPress plugins. The most commonly affected plugin by spam is Gravity Forms and WordPress comments. With Gravity Forms so widely used, many developers are looking for a one-stop solution to stopping gravity forms spam. Learn how Human Presence makes all the difference.

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How to Prevent Spam on WordPress Forms & Comments

Whether it’s a blog or a WooCommerce product review, spambots have chosen to flood our inboxes for either malicious phishing or black hat SEO tactics. So what solutions are out there to prevent spam on WordPress forms and comments?

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How to Thwart WS Form Spam on WordPress Now

WS Form is the WordPress form plugin for professionals. With so many form builder options in the marketing WS Form sets itself apart with deep integrations and customization functionality. WS Form is integrating with Human Presence to protect all their forms from spam and bots.

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Human Presence for Other Website Platforms

  • Shopify
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Convesio
  • WooCommerce