When brand experience, customer loaylty, and your reputation is on the line, Human Presence is your game changer. Shop Protector Plus was designed specifically for eCommerce merchants with mission critical needs who constantly battle BOTS that put a strangle hold on your online shop. Some critical features of Shop Protector Plus:

  • Checkout Protection
  • Reduce Bot-based Fraud
  • Flash sale inventory skewing
  • Configurable Rules for Auto-mitigation
  • Bulk Cancel Orders
  • Fake Account Prevention
  • Form Spam Protection
  • Better Order Insights

These are issues that have plagued eCommerce platforms for years and we've laser focused our technology to address and eliminate each of these critical issues for top-tier retail and wholesale brands.

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Protected. Checkout.

No Bots Allowed.

Our Human Presence technology isn’t just an integrated third-party security solution. It’s a suite of specific tools that work behind the scenes via an “always listening” cloud API. Our ActiveForce environment analyzes your customers' user sessions for authenticity to accurately detect and quarantine bots from your store's checkout. Shop Protector Plus reviews every checkout to validate users and gives you the power to configure how inventory is released and payment processing and/or refunds are handled from right within our app.

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A Power Move for Power Players

Beating BOTS at their own game

BOTS are increasingly being built to be more intelligent and designed to employ mechanisms that can circumnavigate many security and platform protocols. Workarounds and exploits to game the system are used to skip the store and checkout protocols, giving them an overwhelming advantage over true human customers. These tactics are extremely effective and frustrate your loyal fans at every turn. Shop Protector Plus lets you control the playing field and you decide what the terms are. Keep them or eject them from the game.

The Only Choice for Advanced Protection

Get Armed and Fight Back

Today's ecommerce "sneaker" bots (not just for sneakers any more) are sophisticated enough to use predetermined user profiles or stolen identities to generate checkouts and try to force validation. They’ve even learned how to maneuver around the latest CAPTCHAs and other Turing tests. Shop Protector Plus understands this and is armed and prepared to fight back.

Reduce BOT-based Fraud

Understand how many of your customers' orders are human and how many are botted. Learn more about the risks analyzed and the techniques used to bypass the traditional checkout process. Glean insights across all your users' sessions and watch the flow of human/suspicious traffic to your store over time.

Regain Control of Drops

Shop Protector Plus provides you with full control over to who and how your inventory is purchased. With a built in set of configurable rules for protecting your store from BOT-based checkouts you'll never feel powerless again. With Shop Protector Plus it's your decision. Automatically Cancel, Restock, Refund, and/or Notify the customer when a product is botted or choose to only Mark for Review.

Bulk Cancellations

Ever had to deal with dozens or even hundreds of fraudulent orders? Even if they aren't BOT-based checkouts it's a major headache to clean up. Thankfully, Shop Protector Plus can help here too! The new Bulk Cancel feature will save your team hours of labor going into the details page of every order just to cancel it (and even respects your configured cancellation rules)!

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