What is Form Spam and why is it a problem for eCommerce success?

A form spam attack is where bots bombard contact, lead-generation, comment or product review forms of an eCommerce site with an avalanche of commercial, political or other unwanted messages, creating an annoying disturbance for true buyers and unsolicited emails to site administrators. This stream of spam creates an environment where real human customers find it too unwieldy to sort through the spam to read real buyer reviews and comments. In effect this destroys the lifeblood of a successful eCommerce business...soliciting user input through buyer product reviews, endorsements and product usage comments. A recent Power Reviews study of Amazon online sales states that even a single review (as opposed to none) can increase sales of an item by 65%. Additionally, 20% of overall sales are driven by reviews, and at least one-third of customers report that they won't buy a product listed with no customer reviews. Form spam costs an eCommerce site owner revenue.

What is Human Presence™?

Human Presence is a tool that collects data points based on the a site visitor’s behavior. Ellipsis then analyzes the data in real time for each specific visitor with our proprietary machine learning algorithms to determine if this user exhibits human behavioral characteristics. We then give site owners the ability to view reports based on our findings and protect their site to allow humans to use the site unencumbered, while suspicious traffic can be quarantined or redirected.

What is Human Presence™ Detection?

After installing the Ellipsis Human Presence™ Technology app for Shopify, you will be asked to connect your site with your existing Human Presence™ account (or create a new one). This will immediately enable Human Presence™ Detection to provide you reports about bot activity on your site based on our proprietary machine learning algorithms used to determine human behavioral characteristics.

What is Human Presence™ Protection and how do I activate it with Shop Protector™?

After installing the Shop Protector™ app for Shopify and connecting your Human Presence™ account, you can protect your site forms from bot spam. Enabling Shop Protector™ allows you to easily protect a form by asking for its name and location (just for your own future reference) and then a place to copy and paste the actual form code you are currently using in your site. At the bottom of that popup, there will be a “Register” button. Click the “Register” button. You will then be alerted that the form has been successfully registered and give you back the slightly modified version of the form code you pasted in. Then simply click the “Copy” button to copy the new protected form code so you can paste that protected form in place of the old form code in your shop and that’s all there is to it. You can protect all your forms the same way. Upon revisiting the Human Presence™ app you can see human and suspicious activity on all of your protected forms.

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